Hotel description

Polet Hotel

Address: 660022, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Krasnoyarsk, Aerovokzalnaya Street, bld. 16

Terms of stay

These rules of accommodation in hotel are general and can vary by room type. Please check the room description.

Booking cancellationIn case of no show or cancellation later than 24 hours before arrival, the guest will be charged the cost of the first night.
Accepted credit cardsVisa. MasterCard.

Additional information

Shuttle from Airport and Railway station to the hotel "Polyot" The organization of excursions around the city Additional meals (any amount optional ) in the cafe of the hotel "Polyot" Laundry and dry cleaning Delivery of air and railway tickets in the room

Location, directions to the hotel

Hotel in Krasnoyarsk "Flight" is conveniently located in the new business center of the city - "runway". Near convenient transportation, which allows easy access to the city centre: city centre - 3 km, railway station - 6 km river terminal - 4 km, airport - 42 km. Stop "Bus station" is located a few meters from the hotel in Krasnoyarsk Flight. Buses from the Airport to the Bus station-Airport depart every movement in 10-20 min. In close proximity from the hotel in Krasnoyarsk are large shopping centers: runway Plaza, Optima, planet, June, commander. As well as a business centre (Siberia), office buildings, cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues, which creates additional convenience for guests in the hotel on the "Runway".